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The HEAT Leader -- #1 Head Collar for dogs.

Trusted by trainers and owners

"After trying many different methods and head collar styles for my rescued husky I was at a loss and felt I would never been able to take her for a walk we could both enjoy . She was reactive and could really pull… that’s until we found the Heat lead ! The Heat lead gives my husky and myself the support and confidence we needed for our adventures and even has a safety clip so I know she is safe and secure!"

Kayla & Winter

Professional Dog Trainer

"My favourite training tool. My German Shorthaired pointer is a high-energy and nervous pup by nature which presented quite the challenge when it came to walking. We tried every training technique and tool but nothing worked as well as the HEAT Lead. Her pulling improved immediately and even better was her confidence in crowds and new places improved drastically"

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Brittany & Lev

Dog Daycare Professional

-- Enhanced Design --

A step up from traditional head collars


Comfort for Both: With its soft padded nose band, the Heat Leader ensures comfort for your dog, no matter how long the walk.

Safety First: The secure fit of the Heat Leader prevents slipping and escaping, ensuring a safe walking or training experience in various environments.

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-- Built to Last --

Inspired by head collars for horses

Head collars for dogs were originally inspired by the design and practicality of horse head collars, known for their effective management and gentle control over these majestic animals. Taking this concept a step further, the Heat Leader incorporates additional padding and enhanced mobility, making it a superior choice compared to traditional head collars.

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