HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar
HEAT Leader - Dog Head Collar

Premium HEAT Leader Dog Head Collar | Comfort & Style

Premium HEAT Leader Dog Head Collar | Comfort & Style

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Experience unparalleled comfort with the HEAT Leader, a top contender in canine gear.

Tailored with a soft padded nose band, it ensures your dog's snout remains irritation-free. Enhanced with mobility rings for seamless movement. It promises comfortable strolls for both you and your dog.

Maximize its potential by pairing it with our HEAT Leash for the ultimate walking experience. 

Head collars are considered safe for dogs, but you must ensure that they are fitted properly or they can cause irritation due to rubbing. This can also happen if your dog has sensitive skin.

Head collars, when paired with appropriate training, can significantly improve control and ease when walking strong dogs.

It's crucial to acclimatize your dog to wearing a head collar, as initial reactions may include discomfort or anxiety.

Properly introducing the head collar and consistent training can help mitigate these reactions.

A well-fitted head collar not only enhances control during walks but can also have a soothing effect on some dogs. Therefore, desensitizing your dog to the head collar is essential for successful and stress-free use.

More info on the safety of Head Collars for dogs:



Size chart


Extra Small

Neck: 31-34 cm 

Snout: Max 25 cm


Neck: 32-38 cm

Snout: Max 29cm


Neck: 38-47 cm

Snout: Max 34 cm


Neck: 45-58 cm

Snout: Max 36 cm

Extra Large

Neck: 49-62 cm

Snout: Max 44 cm

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Have Questions?
We Have Answers.

Myth 1: Do head collars hurt dogs or cause them pain?

No, head collars like the Heat Leader are specifically designed to be pain-free when used properly.They do not hurt dogs as they apply gentle pressure to the back of the neck and snout, rather than the throat.

Myth 2: Can head collars cause injuries to a dog’s neck or spine?

When used correctly, head collars are safe and do not cause harm to a dog's neck or spine. The design of head collars like the Heat Leader ensures that pressure is evenly distributed around the neck and head.

How does the Heat Leader help with walking a dog?

The Heat Leader improves control on walks by gently guiding your dog's head, influencing body direction and discouraging pulling.

Will the Heat Leader head collar fit my dog?

Yes, the Heat Leader comes in various sizes to fit different sizes of dogs. It's important to measure the neck and snout properly.

Is the Heat Leader comfortable for dogs to wear?

Absolutely! The Heat Leader is designed with a soft padded nose band to ensure it does not irritate your dog’s skin or apply unnecessary pressure.

How do I get my dog used to wearing the Heat Leader head collar?

Gradual acclimation is key. Let your dog sniff and investigate the head collar, offering treats to create a positive association. Gradually place it on your dog for short periods and gradually increase the duration.

Can the Heat Leader be used as a training tool for other behaviours?

Yes, the Heat Leader can be an effective training aid beyond just walking. By providing enhanced head control, it can be used to assist in teaching commands and correcting behaviours by gently guiding your dog’s focus.